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I'm Akinniran Oke.

A Java Architect, Idea Conceptualizer, Business Intelligence Engineer & Solution Provider.

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Utimate: Vision

To contribute to the performance of the company, broaden my mastery of commercial-grade inbuilt Management knowledge in software development while using an adaptive enterprise solution design pattern and process formal methods in software implementation to develop ideas to product using software development lifecycle.

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Akinniran O. Oke. is a talented young man with a Midas touch in Software Development & Engineering spanning over twenty years, with specialization in enterprise management software solutions development.

His academic excellence earned him the Presidential and State awards in 2003/2004. He is an astute team leader, a self-starter, innovator, motivational speaker, strategist and effortlessly proffering solutions. He has also designed and implemented Accounting and Inventory Management System (AIMS), End–to–End Administrative Solution on Mobile Telecommunication for Education, Mobile Applications for Android and Iphones etc., his flagship design being the full Student Management System (SMS) a.k.a Online Education System Solution. He has also consulted for SAAB, MTN, Lagos Resource Educational Centers, among others. He helped in developing with his team, first facebook-like social media application for christians. He is an author and he is happily married with a wife and 2 lovely children.

He is a Certified Communications Network Administrator (CCNA) in telecommunications and also holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Engineering from Obafemi Awolowo University with his M.Sc in Computer Science. His specialization is in Software Engineering .

I've Got Some skills.

  • 80%
  • 95%
  • 65%
  • 65%
  • 75%
  • 50%
    Angular JS
  • 60%
    Native Script
  • 60%
    Java Script
  • 80%
  • 56%
    React Native
  • 80%
    Python - Django
  • 70%
  • 55%
    Swift (IOS)
  • 70%
    Neo4j DBMS - Others
  • 70%
    Neo4j DBMS - Others
  • 75%
    MySQL DBMS - Others

My Work Experience.

Dec 2021 - Feb, 2024

Babcock University (Nigeria)

Fullstack/Data Engineer

Key Skills : Full stack development of a University Automation System using Java, Go, Python, Django Plotly-Dash, Channels, ReactJS, Restful API, MVT design Pattern, Angular, Neo4j, Apache Spark, HTML, Tailwind CSS, Spring Boot framework and Postgres DB with Power BI for visualization. Deliverables : The University needs to improve on it webometric ranking worldwide amongst other universities. A webometric unit was created. Activities :

  • Architectural developed a data analytics system for the health sciences department using Django, ReactJS, and Javascript; currently utilized for activity prediction and forecasting. Developed and designed a SQL Queries on postgres DB.
  • Collaborated to foster the inter-relationship of different departments workflow. Microsoft sharepoint and microsoft flow in implement the collaboration. This led to reduction in time for making major decision within the school.
  • Oversaw strategic and tactical development of Babcock E-commerce System features using an agile iterative model. Also developed a pipeline structure using Apache Airflow server with Python ETL Automation, extensively utilizing Pandas and PySpark.
  • Exhibited a strong tolerance in collaborating with different departments users in the university wehere statistics analysis portal was developed, using Python, Django, and Plotly to improve university webometric ranking, utilizing Snowflakes and Matillion for centralized database warehousing and AI-Copilot for serverless application data implementation.
  • July 2006 - Present

    Hremsoft Online Examination Simulation (Nigeria)

    Technical Officer

    • Project Management on Human Resource application development, Designs and Implementation. (Architectural Modeller )
    • Coordination of EARN Website and Mobile App, Design, and Development.
    • Administration of the Integration of EARN Website and Mobile Application.
    • Joined Development of PUMS application with NUC
    • Coordination of Annual School Census Exercise For 2017 with the e-ASC Enterprise Software For Lagos State Government (Ministry of Education).
    • e-Business Intelligence Consultant For Lagos State Government on Education.
    • Customer Relationship Management On ASC Application.
  • Design and Implementation of End-to-End Tekdeliveries Application – Logistics App.
  • Design and Implementation of End-to-End Social Media Application For Christendom..
  • July 2003 - June 2006

    SocketWorks Limited

    Back-End Developer

    • Coordination, Design and implementation of Adaptive Enterprise Solutions on CRM (Customer Relationship Management) using EJB, JSP and UML Business Objects software – A Developer and a J2EE. Solutions Modeler, Management Portal Designer.
    • Pension Fund Administrator (PFA) and Pension Fund Contributors (PFC) Software Designs and Implementation. Worked on the CRM Enterprise Content Management Implementation (Architectural Modeling)
    • Ensuring Quality Management on Software deployment and delivery for the company.
    • Training on Customer Relationship Management Software Design Solutions

    October, 2002 - November, 2003

    Mtech Communications

    Server Administrator

    • Administration of WAP development, Apache Setup, IP Configuration, Mobile Internet Configuration via Handset, Network designs for VLAN and NAT on Cisco Router 3600, Catalyst 2900 xl, 3500 xl and its Implementation
    • Implementation of WAP on J2EE Technology and SMS Gateway on Kannel Software on Linux (Mandrake).

    2000 - 2002

    EastWind Laboratories

    Solution Provider/ Traineer

    • Training people on Java Programming.
    • Involved in providing Solution for Cyber Cafés on managing their bandwidth using Linux operating system software (CBQ).
    • Involved with creation of cache engine using squid software.


    See My Latest Projects.

    This is in Education Sector. The main goal is to provide initiative fills with values that will help to improve the quality and standard of Education for Nigerians in and outside Nigeria by bridging gaps in education through P.E.A.R model system anytime and anywhere.

    The OES - Online Education System

    Web Application Development

    Focusing on P.E.A.R Model

    School Mapping - Lagos State Government

    Web Application Development

    For Educational Administrative Purposes.

    Annual School Census Application

    Web Application Development

    This application is about the school annual census. This is an execise that ministry of education, lagos state chapter execute yearly with the support of world bank.

    A Health Care School Application

    Application Development : Hospital Operations

    This is an application for Telemedicine Solution.

    University Information System : Proposal

    Web Application Development


    This is an application that addresses the aggregation of university in Nigeria.

    Online Education System Internals - Login

    OES with ERP - School

    This is a full application on Logistics company Management.

    University Information System - Internals

    Web Application Design

    The Internals.

    Online Education System Internals - Login

    OES with ERP - School

    This application is about the OES. This is an execise and application that will help to improve the performance of education in the country.

    What People Say.

    Author image

    The Online Education System is a complete package for students who want to accelerate their learning curve.It exposes you to a whole new and more efficient way of learning.You get to watch well explained tutorial videos, collaborate and find mentors who are willing to help you out in your areas of weakness. It is also a good way to expose students to technology as technology is the future.

    Mayor Ajetunmobi CEO, AOW Integrated Resources
    Author image

    OES also create an efficient management tool for prioprietos / proprietresses to manage their school data.Financial statements, students result and records can be automated with this system.It comes with other packages that automates most of the manually done processes in school. There are a whole lot more features.I was really thrilled when l came across this app.Try it.You will be glad you did.

    Ankam Uche Business Developer

    Project Modules

    Application Designs Component.

  • Student management system
  • Referral Management System
  • User Management System
  • E-Payment System for PIN Allocation
  • Feedback Management System
  • Question Management System
  • Answer Management System
  • Performance Management System
  • E-Invoicing Management System
  • E-Learning Management System
  • Services management System
  • Stock Management System
  • Role Management System
  • Attendance Management System
  • Akinniran O. Oke.

    Looking for an awesome and reliable conceptulization and implementation of software solution ? Try Akinniran O. Oke.. .


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